Ruchikala (The Art of Taste)

Indian Fusion Cuisine in Portland and Tucson

Cooking Classes

Ruchikala Cooking Classes:


Ruchikala can help you navigate your kitchen.  Ruchikala offers both one on one and group cooking classes.

Cooking classes are personalized to suit your needs.  No matter what your comfort level is the kitchen, we’re there to help you create something you can be proud of.

Let us inspire you!

Perfecting the gnocchi

Perfecting the gnocchi

Areas of Expertise:

-Traditional North and South Indian food

-Mexican cuisine

-Pasta making and Traditional Rustic Italian cooking

-Artisan breads

-World fusion

-Spice proficiency

Ruchikala can also help you create new menus  to suit dietary/lifestyle changes you may be making:

-Seasonal eating

-Vegan, plant based



Ruchikala offers a wide variety of in-home cooking classes for all different abilities from beginner to advanced.  Interested in delving into Indian cuisine?  Curious about Mexican chilies and moles?  Or do you just need help navigating your kitchen?


Cooking classes are $50 per person for 3 hour class plus the cost of food.  There is a 4 person minimum  for group cooking classes.  A one on cooking class is available for $160 for 3 hours, plus cost of food.  These classes can be tailored to your specific needs and are held in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Email for more info:

2 comments on “Cooking Classes

  1. Donna Chesner
    April 17, 2012


    Thanks again for a fabulous class! The two spices I found at Penzey’s are Ajwain (recommended to temper the effects of a legume based diet), and Kala Jeera (characterized as an exotic, flowery seed sprinkled lightly on fish, chicken, or vegetables.)


    • Ruchikala
      May 6, 2012

      Donna! I had a blast with you guys! I hope to do another one soon. Ajwain is great!! I have played around very little with Kala jeera but I really want to explore more of it. Maybe it could be a new project! I am excited.

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