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Be My Guest (photographer)

I know it goes without saying, but the holidays just don’t feel right without family.  Every year we end up in the same frustrating predicament, that whole idea we had in January to put money away month by month to save up for a trip out east to see the family, well it never actually pans out.

Somehow I managed to luck out and marry into the family of my dreams.  Aside from already having the sweetest and most supportive (biological) parents a crazy kid could ever ask for, I was blessed to marry into a scenario that is the complete opposite of the sitcom in-laws cliche.  Seriously, I don’t know how this happened, but somehow my soul-mate came free with an incredibly generous, loving and magnificently talented mother in law (one that spent countless hours with me in the middle of many a work nights teaching me how to crochet and spoils me endlessly), an incredibly honorable role model of father-in-law (sense of humor thoroughly in-tact, #1 father in-law) and a sister.  Yes, a sister.

I don’t really know where to begin, but all I can say is that this girl has half of my heart.  Christmas without Rae is like soup without your favorite spoon.   This girl knows how to get comfortable.  She knows how to fill the house with an open heart.  I am so lucky to know her.  On top of being an incredibly gifted graphic designer and artist (just check out this typography version of me she made) she is also magnificent writer (who is currently working on her first novel) and an inspiring photographer.

Every time she visits, all I want to do is take my chef’s hat off and put together a down home rustic meal.  Something served home-style in corning ware, you know?  Not my usual fancy white ceramic, a drizzle here and a drizzle there.   Her last day in town, I finally got myself together to think of presenting something semi worthy of being photo-able.  These are my little friend masa pockets (street enchiladas) stuffed with guajillo and poblanos simmered chicken with a habanero salsa crema and jalapeno and cilantro-lime salsa topped with a little queso fresco (recipe soon to follow).  Soft, yet toothsome these little pockets are that perfect line between street-food and a sit down indulgence, between comfy and class.  It’s an honor to have my sister fly down every winter to spend the holidays with us, an honor to feed her, and privilege to be photographed by her.

The best Heibou around – I miss you.

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