Ruchikala (The Art of Taste)

Indian Fusion Cuisine in Portland and Tucson

Dear Mole,

You are king.

My god – that was too much fun.  I know, I’m a food nerd but that was like foodication…  I have posted the forn above (hyuck hyuck).

I roasted the sesame and passilla/guajillo chili seeds until the whole kitchen filled up with that good smokey toasted chili air.  You requested the shaved avocado bit – I obediently complied.

Each of the spices roasted, separately to ensure purity and height of flavor. Cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, anise all ground in together with the sesame seeds and chili seed mixtures.   I have never been at such a loss of words before –  overload, overload, overload.  My olfactory senses are trapped, being held hostage in a deep hard kiss with a lover you haven’t seen in years.  It’s exciting, its raw, its earthy,  it takes over – and you let it.   I don’t know if it’s the toasted sesame seeds, the chili seeds, the cloves, the canella – but damn – no curry has ever loved me like that before.  (check please!)

Nuts one after the other, each one roasted with love and care till just too hot to touch.  Raisins plumping beautifully in hot oil.  Toasted chilies soaked in hot water, Onions, garlic, too anxious to brown – but I must!  But I can’t…. Alas I must move on, hoping I will not have awakened you from your peaceful slumber with my laziness.

Stale bread?  Stale tortilla? You’re so random.

Tomatoes, frying in oil?  By themselves?  Are they going to be okay in there?  You want them browned?  That’s a bit too much Mr. Mole – I mean who do you think you are?! 

I get angry

but it fades because I remember you.

Really?  Hmmm, alright… you’re the boss.  Done and Done.

Pureed chilies meet oil, I have tortured them enough but mole requests more.  REDUCE! 

And it was done – and the color?!  The color?!  All my life I thought your color came from heaping amounts of ground cloves, cumin, and chocolate… never in my mind did I imagine a toasted red chili puree transforming itself into the silky dark deliciousness that unfolded before me.  Sorry old friend – I must engage in water torture once more.  Broth up – give me one more reduction (I promise it won’t be the last).

All the while my pistachios, almonds peanuts, onions, tomatoes, spices wait patiently for me.  Their time has now come. I puree them to this brilliant orange that I can trace back to nothing.  There is no turmeric, there is no paprika?!  Could one tomato be the cause of all this brilliance?  I like not knowing. I chose to bathe in your mystery.

 The two purees meet in beautiful red and brown swirls.  I feel like a little girl, playing with my food, dancing the spoon around the pot, not quite ready for the full immersion.

Soon enough the time came – in goes the chocolate and sugar, a simmer, a melding, a get to know you session. Reduce once more. And then there you are – waiting for me.  Sure of yourself and me sure of myself.

The result? 

That’s personal. 


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